Jen Meller

visual artist




"In hebrew Chaya directly translates to life, and this series is a celebration of life. As my 25th birthday was soon to approach I turned introspective. I sat back and reflected on my life. Where I was, where I’ve been, where I am, and what I hope to be. I reflected about my many interpersonal relationships, and became perplexed by each and every point in time. I thought about the great times, that make you feel so elated you can barely breathe, and strike you smitten with excitement. I reflected on the plummeting lows that leave you hollow and empty. This installation in its essence was a complete and thorough compilation of my life. The installation was reflective, emotional and encapsulated into my art. The series contained over 200 images. I asked 12 people that were important to me at different points in my life to participate in this project. Some are colleagues, mentors, family, life long best friends, best friends that exist in a brief moment, old friends that lost touch, or even intimate significant others. Some of the participants I speak to 15 times a day, and some of the participants its been years since we spoke. This project plays with the concept of self, perspective, how you see yourself, and how others see you. It forces you to question your own memories and embrace them for what they are."

The first set of images digital portion, and the second set the the behind the scene from the event.